The elogistics
sweet spot
of Eindhoven

“ sounds unbelievable – so I had to see it for myself – but it does exist: Westfields Logistics, 98,000 m2 of logistics space. Nowhere in the surroundings of Eindhoven the options for logistics users are extensive, perfectly accessible, spacious, and with very efficient connections.

Pay a visit to Westfields like I did...then you will believe it. You will be there in no time. If you are in the area, it becomes even more clear: this is were Logistics operations can grow. At Westfields you will find opportunities for the future.

For entrepreneurs with vision. Freight forwarders...logistics service providers.”

However, you should be aware: this may well be the last time that a logistics (e)location of this scale will be available near Eindhoven. It is time to take action and make strategic decisions.

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